Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Stretch" with David Carradine???

Since the untimely death of actor David Carradine in Bangkok Thailand last week, writers for the new movie "Stretch" are already working feverishly at trying to find a way to gracefully write David Carradine out of the movie.

"Stretch" Producer Charles Gillibert said David Carradine still had a few critical scenes left to shoot in the Movie "Stretch" before he was found hanging in a Bangkok Hotel room on Thursday morning. Although the cast and crew of the new movie "Stretch" are extremely distraught over the sudden death of actor David Carradine, Gillibert said he and the other producers still have a job to do.

Gillibert is also reported as saying David Carradine was in "Wonderful spirits before his death." He also said Carradine was in great shape and was always joking around with everyone on the set.

The end result of the rewrites is unknown. Although there was only one day left of shooting, several of the remaining scenes involving David Carradine were key to the movies' outcome. The writers and producers have a tough time ahead of them as they both mourn the loss of a colleague and work at a tasteful re-write of the script.

This is not the first time a key actor in a movie has died prior to the completion. Just a few years ago, the much publicized death of actor Heath Ledger caused a stir and some production and release delays for The Dark Knight for which the late Heath Ledger won "Best Supporting Actor" for his very disturbing and real performance on the Joker.

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