Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The upcoming summer blockbuster TRANSOFRMERS 2 - REVENGE OF THE FALLEN has not even hit the theatres yet and there is already talk about a third installment of the metal on metal flick.
TRANSFORMERS 3, according to producer Michael Bay, may come in a different form. Perhaps a spin-off is what Michael seemed to be suggesting when asked about TRANSFORMERS 3:

"I told everyone that I’m definitely going to do another movie before I do this movie because it’s just thinking of robots for three and a half years, it’s enough right now. People have been asking me that since I have doing these interviews, and literally, since I just finished it, I don’t even want to think about it. It makes me nauseous to even think of the third one. It’s just too close. I definitely want to do another movie before I come back to this. But if I were to consider something, for Transformers 3, it’s got to be not higher. It’s got to be sideways in a different kind of way."

Some fan websites and insiders seem to be looking at a 2011 Release date for TRANSFORMERS 3 or whatever incarnation may result after the box office numbers for TRANSFORMERS 2 - REVENGE OF THE FALLEN come in this summer.

If TRANSFORMER 2 Ticket pre-sales are any indication, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN will bring in record bucks at the movie theaters which should lead directly into more movement towards a TRANSFORMERS 3.

Some TRANSFORMER 2 - REVENGE OF THE FALLEN REVIEWS, however, indicate the movie producers went too far with the action scenes. Some going as far as to state the none stop action of TRANSFORMERS 2 is abit nauseating. That being said, as long as Megan Fox has several sweaty appearances in the movie, TRANSFORMERS 2 will be a success in my books.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TRANSFORMERS 2 - Revenge of The Fallen

TRANSFORMERS 2 - Revenge of the Fallen is sure to be a blockbuster hit this summer. With Transformer show times starting this week, including an IMAX Version, Movie Buffs and Megan Fox fans alike are lining up in droves to see the hit movie by Michael Bay.

Like the original TRANSFORMERS MOVIE, viewers will be treated to action packed metal on metal destruction and of course the ample breasts of Megan Fox.
This time around, pretty much like the last, the Decepticons are in a pissy mood since they had their metal asses kicked around the block by Optimus Prime and his "Goody Two Shoe" Bot buddies.

Fans wishing to catch the first few TRANSFORMER SHOWTIMES will be in for a little bit of difficulty as many Theatres are already sold out. In fact, one report has over 500 TRANSFORMER SHOWTIMES already sold out. The thought is staggering, but I guess even during these tough economic time, probably more than ever before, Movie fans are looking for a means for escape. Perhaps the thought of Optimus Prime turning the Decepticons into tin cans is just the kind of feel good, good guys win over the bad type thing everyone needs right now.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Stretch" with David Carradine???

Since the untimely death of actor David Carradine in Bangkok Thailand last week, writers for the new movie "Stretch" are already working feverishly at trying to find a way to gracefully write David Carradine out of the movie.

"Stretch" Producer Charles Gillibert said David Carradine still had a few critical scenes left to shoot in the Movie "Stretch" before he was found hanging in a Bangkok Hotel room on Thursday morning. Although the cast and crew of the new movie "Stretch" are extremely distraught over the sudden death of actor David Carradine, Gillibert said he and the other producers still have a job to do.

Gillibert is also reported as saying David Carradine was in "Wonderful spirits before his death." He also said Carradine was in great shape and was always joking around with everyone on the set.

The end result of the rewrites is unknown. Although there was only one day left of shooting, several of the remaining scenes involving David Carradine were key to the movies' outcome. The writers and producers have a tough time ahead of them as they both mourn the loss of a colleague and work at a tasteful re-write of the script.

This is not the first time a key actor in a movie has died prior to the completion. Just a few years ago, the much publicized death of actor Heath Ledger caused a stir and some production and release delays for The Dark Knight for which the late Heath Ledger won "Best Supporting Actor" for his very disturbing and real performance on the Joker.

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