Sunday, September 28, 2008

Megan Fox to star in New Movie "The Blue"

Megan Fox is set to play a dazzling mermaid in an upcoming flick-‘The Blue’.

The stunner will be playing the lead role of ‘Aspen’, a marine biologist in comic-book thriller Fathom .

“Several writers have been brought aboard to revamp the script as a vehicle for Megan, who officially signed on for the project this week,” The Daily Star quoted a source, as saying.

“There will be a lot of bikini shots for Megan,” the insider added.

After winning her gold medal Aspen is disqualified due to an abnormal response to a drug test.

When she qualifies as a marine biologist, she is invited to study at a top-secret underwater science facility known as the Deep Marine Discovery .

She then discovers she is a member of an aquatic race called The Blue – and can control water.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

HILARY SWANK Gains Weight for New Movie "French Women Don't Get Fat"

Hillary Swank, who is usually a skinny-mini, is packing on the pounds for her next role. It's almost impossible to imagine!

Hillary will be sporting a plumper version of herself for the upcoming movie French Women Don't Get Fat, based on Mieille Guiliano's book of the same name. And she's not just putting on a few pounds.

The Academy always loves when the pretty ladies transform themselves, like Charlize Theron in Monster!

The two-time Oscar nabber is next set to pack on the pounds (and a lot of 'em) to play the lead in French Women Don't Get Fat, an adaptation of Mireille Guiliano's best-selling book, which Swank will also produce.

"She'll gain 20 to 30 pounds," we're told by a source close to the production. "It's no sweat. She's played a man before. She can handle anything."

Yeah, but others close to her are expressing concerns over Hilary-hon's heart. Details 'n' dirt after the jump...

As we just reported, some of Swank's colleagues are more than concerned about her alarmingly thin frame, which is so tiny, some say Chad Lowe's former wife is looking downright frail. But anything for a meaty part, eh?

While French Women is nonfiction, an early premise says Swank will play the manager of a champagne company dealing with French beauties who consume bread, wine and pastries yet never gain an ounce. And naturally, self discovery happens along the way.

Swank joins a slew of Hollywood peers gaining weight for work, such as Eva Longoria Parker and her newly zaftig character Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives, as well as daddy-type Matt Damon, who packed on pounds for The Informant. Still, Hill-babe ain't too happy about the physical requirements, a fat little birdie told us, whatever—ain't a third Oscar worth it?

A rep for Swank would only confirm that the project is indeed upcoming, not Swank's next. We hear otherwise.


Barbie and the Diamond Castle is a 2008 direct-to-video computer-animated entry in the in the Barbie film series. The film is scheduled to be released on September 9th 2008. The film features the voice of Kelly Sheridan, who has voiced the Barbie protagonist in all the CGI Barbie films. It will also be the third musical.

Songs for the film were written by songwriters Amy Powers (Elliot Yamin), Guy Roche (Christina Aguilera), Russ DeSalvo (Celine Dion), Gabriel Mann (Sara Bareilles) Megan Cavallari (Higgleytown Heroes) and Jeannie Lurie (Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana) along with Executive Producer Rob Hudnut.

As with the previous Barbie films, a line of toys, dolls, and other products were made based on and released slightly ahead of the film. The Toy Fair 2008 released images of some of the dolls to be released later this year. Fox Interactive will self-publish the video game adaption for the movie.

Liana and Alexa (Barbie and Teresa) are best friends who share everything, including their love of singing. Liana and Alexa sell flowers for a living. One day, Liana finds 2 heart shaped diamonds in the river. Suddenly, there is a storm, and the two girls hurry inside their house. Liana makes the two diamonds into two necklaces, one for each girl. The next day, they find that their garden is destroyed by the storm. They sell the remaining flowers to get 3 coins, but that will not last until the next growing season. While walking through the forest home from the village, the girls meet an old beggar. Liana feels sorry for the old woman so she gives her her lunch, bread and jam, even thought she and Alexa don't have much either. In return, the old woman gives her a magical mirror. As they clean the mirror and sing, a musical apprentice muse named Melody appears in the mirror's surface. Melody tells the girls about the secret of the Diamond Castle, which is the home of all music, and where three musical muses once resided until one evil muse, Lydia, tried to take the castle for herself. She failed, but turned the other muses to stone.

In an act of safekeeping the other two muses entrusted the key of the Diamond Castle to Melody. And to keep the key safe from Lydia, Melody hid herself in the mirror, but now she can't get out. She needs Liana's and Alexa's help to free her from the mirror and to save the Diamond Castle. Suddenly, Slider, Lydia's dragon hears Melody's voice, prompting Lydia to go after Melody for the keys. Liana and Alexa must hurry to get to the Diamond Castle first to get the other muses instruments to free the two other muses and to banish Lydia. Along their way, Liana and Alexa make new friends and enemies.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Death Tunnel

In Kentucky, five sexy students are trapped to spend the night in an abandoned sanatorium, where many people were killed in the 30's when the location was devastated by an infectious white plague, as a prank of their school mates. Along the night, while trying to escape from the asylum, they are haunted by ghosts and the survivors disclose that they are descendant of the victims and are reviving their deaths. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Movie is based on the True Stories and Hauntings of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. This horrific Five story structure is listed as one of the Top Ten Scariest Places on Earth, due to the 63,000+ deaths within this monument of Terror. They were then carried through the massive Five hundred foot underground Tunnel to their final resting place. The story involves Five girls on a college initiation, dared to spend the night separately on the Five floors of this sanatorium, with the Five ghosts that exist within it's abandoned corridors. Will they make it through the night? For the only way out is through...the Death Tunnel.

Review from
United States

This is "inspired" by a real life TB hospital in Kentucky. Because I grew up in southern Indiana, I'll always check out any film set in Indiana, Ohio or Kentucky. Sadly, this film is more style than it is substance.

I will admit that the people who made this are geniuses. They not only made a fictional movie at this closed hospital but they also made a documentary about the place called Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Two films for the price of one! That's good film making.

Death Tunnel is your basic story about a bunch of teenagers who go to the hospital and spooky stuff happens and they die. The problem is that it is full of flashbacks and flashforwards and is basically just padding. None of the characters get any real personality and none of the deaths are particularly interesting or even gory. It is almost as if they made the film and it was only 45 minutes long and they just filled i with random trippy scenes to fill it out.

There's also no real central bad guy. One of the grandfathers of one of the persons shows up but he isn't really central. There's no thing or person that the protagonists can attempt to fight or beat. Instead they are just trying to get out of the place which makes it pretty unfocused.

one thumb up

The setting is cool
because it is a real place
but the film is lame