Saturday, March 21, 2009


Move over, Edward Cullen, a.k.a. Robert Pattinson.

Vampire hunter Corey Feldman is back! “The Lost Boys” are returning, and they're gonna be real thirsty for fresh blood.

An original cast member of the 1987 "Twilight" precursor, Feldman will produce and star, with his hapless character Edgar Frog getting –- surprise -– a much more central role.

Evan Charmov will write the script for Warner Premiere’s “The Lost Boys 3” a direct-to-disc sequel to 2008’s direct-to-DVD “Lost Boys: The Tribe.”

No word on whether the other original Corey -- Corey Haim -- will have a part in the film. Which is kinda sad. Maybe he’ll get his act together.

But "highly unlikely” is the phrase that used when it broke the news.

OMG, they totally gotta pull Kiefer Sutherland out of “24” for a cameo!

And how about still car-window-steamy Jason Patric, as an older vampire who has learned to control his feeding habits and hunts only animals now?

Oh wait, that's too :Twilighty" familiar.

Maybe he can drink a concoction called "True Blood"? Nope, that's been done by HBO.

Well, we hope they come up with some to raise these devilish dudes from the dead. download the original TORRENT FOR LOST BOYS and see just how hot they were.